Artificial Perfection is Boring; be Authentically You


Artificial perfection is boring; be authentically you.img_4803

Don’t conform to a world where others think they have a say to dictate who you are, what you should be doing, or how you should be behaving. Be undoubtably you. You are not meant to fit the cookie cutter mold, you are one in a million. You have something to offer the world that no one else does. Every single person has something to offer that would benefit another that might surprise them. Be confident in who God made you, with a humble attitude.

2016 has been my year of growth: It was a rocky start, ups and downs.. lots of mental chains had to be broken. Old habits, actions, ways of life had to fall apart to fall into place. I crawled out of a very deep dark hole of depression and anxiety and back into the light. Oh what strange old friends I found: Passion, excitement, a want to better myself in every aspect, a need and thirst for change. I made a complete 360… and I thank God every day for never giving up on me.

Instead of empowering other women, I used to tear them down and pick them apart inside my head. This was insecurity… because I was not who I wanted to be, or who I thought other expected me to be. Now I find joy in empowering other women, lifting them up, seeing their eyes light up when they receive a compliment on an accomplishment and knowing someone has admired their hard work! This joy fills my heart.

I used to fear that I would never amount to anything. I would always just be “me” til I realized that being ME was enough. I didn’t need a college diploma to define me, I didn’t need approval from any person, I didn’t need validation that “I made it” because I already had. God gave me the gift of motherhood, marriage, and health. These were the tools he gave me to work with to become a successful woman after his heart, as well as┬áthe passions he placed burning deep inside me.

I’m thankful for my struggles or I never would have found my strength. God’s purpose is far better then anything I could fathom. Being on the mountain top, beats rock bottom everyday but I did not forget the lessons I learned from the bottom and during the crawl back up.

I’m striving daily to give back to others a little bit more, change my attitude and thought process a little bit more. Grow in God, mentally and physically, a little bit more every day. Self improvement has become a priority.

You cannot pour into another’s cup if yours is empty.


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