The Zero to Alpha Busy Man’s Workout Routine

busy man's workout

By Alex

Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is brought to you by friend, fellow blogger, fitness enthusiast, and martial artist Alex of Zero to Alpha

Hi it’s Alex here again from Zero To Alpha.

Are you ready to dive in the busy man’s workout routine? This is one of my favorite routines when I’m really short in time or feel less like working out. There are tons of people who skip the gym regularly because they have no time to work out. They all claim to have no time but they always find the time to watch a movie or a television show. They eat a bunch unhealthy food while they’re doing this and you know what’s the most funny about it??

They usually watch movies which feature actors and actresses who’re in incredible shape. They all want to look like them but don’t want to work for it. Working out is hard, I get it. It takes you completely out of your comfort zone but isn’t life all about getting out of the comfort zone?! You’ll never get into great shape when you’re constantly making excuses. Besides… most people are already sick of those anyway.

First you have to break out of your natty delusion but after that you can enjoy the busy man’s workout routines. I’ve included three bodyweight routines, one suspension trainer workout routine, and one weightlifting routine.

The busy man’s workout doesn’t allow excuses

The excuse of not having the time is probably the excuse that’s been used the most in this day and age. It’s easy to spot people’s priorities when they use this excuse. The busy man’s workout doesn’t allow this excuse since it only takes 25 to 40 minutes and I have beginner and a harder version. So what other excuses do you have?

I know that there are still people who are going to claim that they have no time but I’ve never met someone who can’t take 25 minutes of his day to workout.

Maybe you should sleep a little less?! You only need 7-8 hours of sleep so why would you sleep 10? You’ll wake up groggy and with less motivation. Do your best to become a morning person (it’s great, you can take my word for it. I wake up every day at 6:30).

Show what you’re really made of.

Or maybe discipline is the problem? Luckily for you I also have a solution for that problem here (you’re really running excuses aren’t you?!).

Oh, and you don’t need a gym so your officially done making excuses. Getting in shape may be hard but staying in shape is so damn easy.

The busy man’s workout is based off of one of my favorite training routines

thumbnail_13879423_10209848894726011_4650193665905765363_nMy favorite training routine is pretty simple it’s a full body workout that takes about 45 minutes (without a warm up). It’s a pretty advanced routine but definitely give it a try if you’ve got the opportunity.

The workout routine

Note: Click on any exercise in this article for a video demonstration in another tab

The busy man’s workout is great for endurance as well

The protocol for the busy man’s workout is pretty simple. It’s a circuit training and you decide how many rest you take between each exercise BUT you can only rest 30 seconds max. You rest for 90 seconds after you’ve completed the circuit and hit it again. You’ll feel really great after four rounds. Well you’ll have a higher heart rate, your breath will be a bit heavier but a short good workout is better than sitting in your couch all night.

Let’s dive into the workouts.

The busy man’s workout for beginners

Rest 10 to 30 seconds between exercise. Rest 90 seconds between each round. Repeat the whole workout 4 times.

The assisted dip can be done in two ways. You get into the dips station and you cross your feet so a workout partner can guide you through the motion. Your workout partner is there to make sure that you don’t fall down.

Another way is just by using a box, chairs… to put your feet on. You don’t need a workout partner in this way.

You can do pull up basically anywhere and the same goes for dips. You can dip between two chairs and put a broomstick on them to do the easier version of the pull ups. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The busy man’s workout for more advanced people

Rest 10 to 30 seconds between exercise. Rest 90 seconds between rounds. Repeat the whole workout 4 times.

It finished this workout before noon and I enjoyed my well-deserved burritos after that (yeah I ate two of them).

But there’s a better option for your post workout meal. Just check out the recipes here on Sweet Machine Fitness, they’re great and freaking delicious.

The busy man’s workout the real BA

Rest 10 to 30 seconds between exercise. Rest 90 seconds between rounds. Repeat the whole workout 3 times.

The busy man’s suspension trainer workout

I love the suspension trainer because you can use it almost anywhere and you’ll get so damn strong by using it.

How to do the triple dropset: I just take one step forward (with both feet) when I finished 6 reps, I do another 6 and step forward one more time. These sound easy but you’ll soon realize that it’s not that easy.

No suspension trainer? You can purchase one here.

The busy man’s gym routine

I used this training a lot when I had to study for the finals in college. I didn’t want to skip a training so I reduced the time.

My busy man workout music playlist

The busy people workout requires a playlist that get you fired up at once so here are some of my favorite workout songs.

  • Superbeast- Rob Zombie (since the this training will turn you into one)
  • Welcome To The Jungle- Guns N Roses
  • Here Comes Revenge- Metallica
  • Feel So Numb- Rob Zombie
  • Soldier- Eminem
  • A Greater Foundation- As I Lay Dying
  • BOOM- P.O.D
  • Light It Up- Major
  • Lazor Boom- Major Lazor and MOTi

Train smart and hard!!

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Check with a physician or qualified healthcare provider before embarking on any changes made to lifestyle, training, supplementation, or eating.

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