HEAL THY SELF by Rhianna Sweet

heal thy self

Self destruction comes in many forms, and many behaviors.

Maybe you binge eat?

Maybe you drink copious amounts of alcohol?

Maybe you get angry and blame others around you?

Maybe you avoid your emotions all together and allow yourself to be completely numb?

Could be drugs?



Whatever it is… it only takes away that “problem” maybe for a moment… an hour… a day… but in the end what or who have you really hurt the most?


And not only you, but possibly the people you have close relationships with too. Living a self destructive lifestyle will get you no where. Constantly pushing will take your mental health to the limits, hurt your relationships, and most of all, the things you want in life will start seeming further away and harder to grasp.

So why do we do it? And how do we overcome it?

We do some of these self destructive things because we think we are protecting ourselves, escaping the pain of reality, and we think that avoiding our emotions is easier then accepting that we are human and FEEL.

What we should be doing is approaching our emotions with love and kindness and asking ourselves:

WHY do I feel this way?
What will I benefit from doing ____?
Will stuffing myself with donuts really stop the pain anxiety of missing and losing my father?
Will it get me closer to my goals for 2017?
Or is it going to derail me and push the things I want in life further back?
How will it affect me tomorrow? Will I be crabby with everyone around me because of MY choices that they had no participation in causing?

DO NOT allow yourself to accept what YOU think you deserve!!

A mediocre life? No, that’s what the devil wants you to believe you deserve.

God placed you here on earth for a bigger reason. God has a plan for you, a purpose, a special calling only you can fulfill. We all have been set apart and chosen for a specific purpose. Through our struggles we find our strength, strength through him to keep pushing forward and to fight our battles against our demons alongside God. Don’t give up, don’t let self destructive ways swallow you. Stay above the water, keep fighting the good fight knowing you live a life full of purpose. Knowing you are cared for by the one and only Healer.

A therapists prescription for better mental health courtesy of SharonMartinCounseling.com:

  1. Treat yourself with kindness.
  2. Say “no” when you need to.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  5. Embrace your mistakes, they don’t define you.
  6. Be truly present.
  7. Get outside.
  8. Cut yourself some slack.
  9. Make rest a priority.
  10. Make fun a priority, too.
  11. Savor good memories.
  12. Make new friends.
  13. Laugh often.
  14. Create something.
  15. Anticipate joy.
  16. Appreciate what you have.
  17. Learn from your mistakes.
  18. Write down your successes.
  19. Clear out physical and emotional clutter.
  20. Move your body more.
  21. Pursue a hobby.
  22. Put your phone down and connect with the people you’re with.
  23. Confide in trustworthy people.
  24. Treat your mental health with the same importance as your physical health.
  25. Slow down.
  26. Ask for help when you need it.
  27. You don’t have to do it all; Prioritize what matters most.

Some of these are really easy, and some of them are really tough. Remember we are striving for progress not perfection! Do your best, small changes daily make a difference. And don’t be afraid to confide in a friend, seek counseling, or have a talk with your doctor!


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