Get to Know Sweet Machine Fitness: Q and A with Luke Sweet

Luke Sweet

Hey guys the name is Luke, founder of Sweet Machine Fitness. I’m 27 from the USA. I grew up in Ohio and have been training since I was 15 years old. By day I’m a blue collar factory worker but by night I’m a (formerly competitive) natural bodybuilder, health and fitness enthusiast, blogger, and master chef. Full time I’m a follower of God (always a work in progress), husband to my gorgeous and funny wife Rhianna, and dad to two boys who do a great job of keeping us on our toes.

Workout and food Q and A:

How did you get into working out and fitness?

It’s actually kind of funny, when I was a skinny young teenager I’d get so fired up watching dragon ball after school that I’d have to knock out push ups, sit ups, and dumbbell curls during the commercial breaks! I instantly fell in love with the feeling that these simple home workouts gave me, and seeing my body transform as the weeks went by. Eventually I saved up and bought myself an Olympic weight bench and started messing around with that until I was old enough to get my first gym membership, met a lot of great guys who were willing to teach me how to train and eat, and the rest was history.

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How many days a week do you train?

I generally train 3-4 days a week, sometimes less sometimes more depending on how I’m feeling.

How do you train?

I like to keep things fresh by throwing all sorts of different training styles into my routine. I like to do reverse pyramid for my main upper body lifts, straight sets for accessory work, and rest pause training as a finisher or if I feel like just knocking out a pump workout. Rest pause is about as hardcore as it gets. I love front squats and the leg press for leg workouts, and for cardio I’ll either take a long walk at a steep incline or do something manly and intense like a good sprint session. I like to hit everything hard for 3-6 weeks followed by a week off from the gym, a deload week or two with scaled back weight and volume, or strictly home body weight workouts for rest and recovery.


Will you ever do another bodybuilding competition?

That’s a tough one to answer! Right now my focus is on being a good dad, staying healthy, and building up Sweet Machine Fitness. So as of right now it’s pretty far on the back burner but can’t say 100% what the future holds. I’ll have a lot of work to do to get back into it competitively, work I’m willing to do when I have the time to focus on that.

 What is your diet currently like?

I used to follow the bro style 6 meals spaced out every 2 and a half hours but nowadays I eat 2-3 big meals a day intermittent fasting style. I’m don’t treat it like a religion however, if I’m hungry earlier in the day I’ll eat! The majority of my food intake comes from grass fed beef, eggs, potatoes, white rice, pomegranate juice, avocados, butter, and bananas. Even some boring chicken a few times a week. I also love to eat sour and spicy foods, like hot peppers (even tried the legendary Carolina reaper), an assortment of hot sauces, apple cider vinegar, raw garlic, and lemons and limes on occasion. I don’t track my macros everyday, but I’d have to guess that my macro intake is 20-30% protein, 40-50% carbs, and 30-40% fats depending on the day and what I’m craving.

Do you use any supplements?

I don’t believe in taking too many supplements so I try to keep what I do take to a bare minimum. Right now I’m taking:

Personal life Q and A:

What do you do for work?

I work in a shop here in town laying up nosecones and satellite covers for airplanes full time. I also make a little money off of this blog. And by a little I mean just that- a bare minimum.


You could help me out by clicking on the affiliate links throughout my articles.  I’ll get commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you! It would be MUCH appreciated and very helpful for growing Sweet Machine Fitness as a brand!!

What do you do aside from working and training?

Outside of working out I enjoy relaxing and watching some Netflix with the wifey, nerding out with Dragon Ball and superhero movies, going on walks, taking the kids cool places, the occasional Super Nintendo game, cooking, eating, napping, and writing.

Where did you meet your wife?

The gym of course! Where else would I find a girl that’s as into health and fitness as I am?

I saw her one night off to the distance hitting an intense set of goblet squats with a kettle bell and I knew that she had to be mine. We started talking, went out for dinner, and have been together ever since.

If you’re into bodybuilding, health, and fitness finding a girl who shares the same passion should be a given. Just don’t be a creep staring them down when they’re working out.  The mirror works both ways and girls do see you gawking at them from across the gym. Be cool and be yourself and things can go a long way.


Where does the name Sweet Machine Fitness come from?

I was debating on calling the site “Luke Sweet Fitness” but I knew I wanted Rhianna to come on to share her experience and insight with articles and recipes from time to time so I didn’t think a title devoted to just me would work. I asked her opinion and she suggested my dad’s former computer username “Sweet Machine.” Sweet Machine Fitness had a nice ring to it so it stuck.


Official Sweet Machine Fitness logo. Yes it’s awesome. Yes it will be on shirts.

How do you stay motivated to train and eat?

Once you’ve been in the health and fitness game for so long, it simply becomes a part of your life so there’s really no motivation required. You just get it done. At a certain point it’s harder to miss a training session than to actually get there and push yourself through a grueling workout. Just stay consistent and put in the work, and eventually it’ll become such a part of your life that there’s no other choice but to stay fit!

Thanks for the read! Ask anything else you’d like in the comments and I’ll be sure to update the page!


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