So Proud of This Girl

luke and rhianna sweet

Instead of giving away trophies they gave away swords and daggers... which is so much cooler ;)

Instead of giving away trophies they gave away swords and daggers… which is so much cooler ;)

I usually don’t post on weekends but I’d like to give a HUGE shout out tonight to a woman who is not only beautiful, funny, and works her butt off to achieve her goals, but also a woman I’m proud to call my love and my wife.

For those of you who don’t know, my lovely wife Rhianna competed in her first NPC bikini show earlier tonight! And not only competed I might add, but completely killed it placing in the top 3 of two separate divisions!! And all of this after only a mere 6 weeks of dieting down. Heck, it wasn’t even till 3 weeks ago that she even knew she’d be getting on stage.

This is a goal of hers that has been close to 10 years in the making and I’m so proud of her for finally getting up there and doing it. And on top of all that bringing home the gold! Keep your eyes out for her guys, she has a natural stage presence and works harder than anyone I know so big things are coming!

Be sure and show her some love and follow her on her Instagram.

I know this post was shorter than my usual marathons but it’s been a long week and a VERY busy weekend and it’s time to kick back and relax for a bit, watch a movie, eat some junk food, and get a good night’s sleep. Be on the look out this week for more on her contest diet and training as well as our usual training and recipe articles, plus a guest post recipe from a good friend of mine. Thanks for the read and stay tuned!


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