Stay Hungry, Keep Consistent, and Start Moving Forward!!

stay hungry

Ready to start moving forward and really begin to make a difference in not only your physique but your life? You’ve come to the right place.

I actually wrote this article up a little while ago. I was thinking about some of the things that hold people back from achieving their goals, and one of the biggest reasons that came to me was that many people become discouraged by comparing themselves to the success of everyone else. This is the type of discouragement that holds people back from becoming the best they can be in the gym, makes new bloggers quit after just a couple months, and even sends some men into depression because they’re comparing themselves to “the guy who gets all the girls.”

As I thought about these things I had to pull out my phone and type them out along with some solutions into my notes, which became buried under the rubble of more fitness, nutrition, and recipe posts. That is until today.

Not sure exactly who this article was written for, but I hope it brightens someone’s day and ignites a fire in them to become the best person they can be!!

Most out of shape guy in the gym?

Keep consistent and stay hungry. The gains will come. A month of consistency turns into a year of consistency and a year of consistency turns into three. Dedication will bring results. Focus on improving each week, be it adding 5 pounds to a main lift, going just a little harder on a round of sprints, or fine tuning your eating just a little more each day. Building a better body is not an overnight process! These things take time so don’t give up before you really get started!

New to the whole fitness game and don’t know how to get started?

Start doing bodyweight training at home today. Yeah I said today, why wait any longer? There truly is no better time than right now. A routine as simple as push ups, sit ups, and air squats will take you a lot further than you think. And when you do finally step foot in the gym you’ll be a step ahead of all the other novice lifters because bodyweight training will give you a good strong base to expand upon.

When you finally do make it to the gym, leave any pride and especially excuses at the door. While some people are naturally strong and can go right into the gym and hang with the best even with no lifting experience, that’s not the case for 90% of beginners. I know I wasn’t big or strong right off the bat. And even after 10 years of training am still a work in progress learning new things about working the human body every single day. So don’t get discouraged if results don’t come as fast as you’d like. Stick with it and they will come.

Sample bodyweight routine:

  • Suspension strap pullups 50 reps in as few sets as possible
  • Pushups 50 reps in as few sets as possible
  • Air squats 100 reps in as few sets as possible
  • Handstand pushups 3 sets of 8-12
  • Plank holds 3 sets 1 min

*you can purchase suspension straps here.

Home dumbbell workouts are also a great option to get started and you absolutely can’t make it to the gym and want to start training. Check out my article from last week for a good full body dumbbell routine you can do at home.

Blog not getting as many hits as you’d like?

As frustrating as that can be, just like weight training stay consistent!! Take a look at some of your favorite blogs and go back to their first couple pages of posts. Look at the date that they were published and compare them to the date that the comments started flooding in. You’ll notice in a lot of cases that their blog was not an overnight success! But these writers kept consistent and pushed forward, perfecting their craft. And 6 months to 3 years later these same writers are reaping the benefits and getting paid!!

If you feel like you’re called to be a great writer than stick with it and the viewership will come. My advice would be give it a year before you even think about giving up. And if after a year you realize your writing still sucks but you still dream of Internet success, find yourself a good mentor or take some writing classes to make improvements where necessary. We’re not alone in this and there are plenty of people out there who are willing to help out.

No game with the ladies?

Don’t worry about it! Sleeping around isn’t cool anyways and just leads to more drama than it’s worth. Be patient and work on becoming a better you. Focus on you first and the right girl will come around. And when she does, you’ll have something much more meaningful than a random hook up. Call me old school but as a man your self worth shouldn’t be determined with how many notches you have in your belt.

If you knew me in high school you’d know that I had absolutely no game whatsoever. Some dudes just had it but I wasn’t one of them. It’s not that I was bad looking… ok well that’s debatable, I did have long hair halfway down my back and wore baggy black jeans with chains. Oh and I wore a long trench coat which I’m sure didn’t help… yeah I guess I was a bit dorky. But looking back I’m glad I wasn’t a well dressed smooth talker.

Fast forward to now and I’m married to the most beautiful girl in the world. We have two healthy boys together, she’s a great wife and mom, and motivates me and everyone else around to strive to become the best version of themselves. Oh and as an added bonus she’s a believer in God and completely dedicated to health and fitness. Totally worth it! Be sure to check out her article love, loss, and the power of you she wrote for the blog if you haven’t already, it’s a great read!

Be patient guys. And most of all be yourself. When the right one comes around you don’t have to pretend to be someone else for her to be attracted to you.

If you’re out of shape get on a good training program today. Not that you need to get in perfect shape to find yourself a girl, but if you lack the self confidence to even go talk to her, feeling better about your body will definitely help.

In conclusion

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and start moving forward! Stay consistent and the results will come. There’s only one person here you should be  comparing yourself to… that’s the you of yesterday. The battle has just begun so don’t give up just yet!

Train hard, eat right, and as always share this article with a friend in need!


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